R-Evolution coin

The evolution of a revolution in the sharing economy.


We want to contribute to the development of a new economic model that gives value to people and we want to do so giving everyone the opportunity to accumulate cryptomoney without having to invest or mine it, but continuing to live the everyday life.


We live in a constantly changing world, where technology is radically changing uses, habits, the economy in general, and the lives of billions of people.

A completely globalized world in which time and distance are no longer a limitation and information is now available to everyone in a very short time. Even in this new socio-economic, technological context, global wealth continues to be increasingly concentrated in the hands of a very select few, at the expense of the masses.

Beginning today, however, as never before in history, thanks to new technologies, all of this can change.
We therefore want to use all the opportunities that the enormous technological potential offers, blockchain for starters, to bring people back to the center of it all and contribute to building a new model of the world, more fair and just, in which wealth is better distributed among the masses and not just in the hands of a few.

A world in which people being together, joining, using and sharing new technologies, and above all their own currency, return to being the real protagonists of the economy.
From the combination of two great revolutions, the sharing economy and the blockchain was born
R-evolutioncoin. together, all together, for a better world.

What is R-Evolution Coin?

R-evolutioncoin is the center of a new world, an innovative SHARING COMMUNITY platform based on active sharing between users in which subscribers, sharing technology and cryptocurrency can increase their purchasing power and in which companies increase their profits.

R-evolutioncoin becomes the element of unity between the online world, offline world and people.
Our goal is to transfer much of the cost of a product-service as an economic benefit to the end user.
Millions of people around the world will be able to use R-evolutioncoin to make their purchases both on websites and in physical stores down the street, gaining a financial return simply because they use our cryptomoney.

Every purchase made with R-evolutioncoin will bring economic benefits not only for themselves but for all members of the community: the individual becomes the true protagonist of the new economy!

How the platform works

Through the R-Evolution platform, you will be able to purchase on hundreds of online stores of the best brands of the world in every product category (tourism, fashion, hi-tech, health & wellness, food, etc.), in addition to several physical agreed shops all over the world.

Try to imagine that you get immediately a percentage back with a virtual coin for every purchase. What would happen if you could use that coin not only for online purchases but even at the physical shops near you?

Here’s an example: image to buy a travel on some online travel store and get immediately some money back to your wallet in R-Coin, that is the currency used inside the R-Evolution circuit.

Exactly in the moment in which you purchase your travel, you “produce” a virtual coin that you can, just a few minutes after the purchase, use to buy something in the shops near you obtaining free or discounted products.

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Get crypto-currency for free!

Contrary to the previous example, you can change the R-Coins accumulated from all your purchases into RVL, the R-EvolutionCoin’s token, through the internal exchange. In this way, as promised, you create crypto-currency “from nothing”, without investing nor mining!

So, you can convert the crypto-currency created in that way through websites of exchange into real money or into other crypto-currencies. Then you can use these crypto-currencies to invest in some other opportunity or to monetize the money you earned doing the purchases you’d had done anyway, if you prefer.

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Benefits for all the R-Evolution world

The real revolution is that the benefit you obtain when you buy a product is not just personal, but it belongs to all of those who are part of the R-EvolutionCoin Community! Thanks to this system, our vision come true: a better world for everyone.

Here’s how it works: when you purchase something through the R-EvolutionCoin Platform, a percentage of the amount you paid returns to you (this improves your buying power). Another part instead is distributed among the whole R-EvolutionCoin Community (family).

Every time you buy something both online and offline (in the agreed physical shops), R-Coins are created. Some of them go back to the member who made the purchase. Another part is distributed, according to a proprietor algorithm, among all those who belong to the Community, depending on their status. Status is given by the level of contribution and sharing inside the Community.

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Funds allocation

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Token allocation

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